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Monday, March 8, 2010

Megday: Sometimes Ya Gotta Gab

"What should I blog about," I ask and Meg strokes her chin. Meg is my mentee from Girls Write Now and we meet every Monday. We have just spent our past writing hour gabbing together about this and that. We usually meet at Starbucks, but as my daughter is sick, we are in my living room while my angel watches Noggin.

"Well," I say, attempting profound thoughtfulness. "Sometimes ya gotta gab in order to . . ." I falter and stare into space. "C'mon Meg, help me out here. Be fab?"

"Be drab?" Meg offers. "No, that's terrible. To catch a crab?"

We need something pithy and too the point. This is embarrassing.

"I don't know what it is about your couch, but it makes me want to spill my guts," Meg says. We did have a plan: we were to write rough drafts for the fantastic Girls Write Now anthology: 800 words.

"Okay, we'll just have to do them on our own then, and go over them next week," I say. "Sometimes ya gotta gab . . . this is driving me nuts!"

"It's all good," Meg says, pausing. And I know she's right. It sure is all good. Writing, talking about writing, delving into and finding pieces of ourselves through relationships with others. "Sometimes ya gotta gab . . . is a profound statement in and of itself," Meg finishes her thought.


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