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Thursday, April 8, 2010


I am loving this social networking, this communing on the internet, this finding of like-minded souls - how else would I have received a LOVE NOTE from Jen Violi, another writer/kindred spirit in Portland, Oregon? We have many degrees of internet separation that connect us:

1) I discovered Lauren B. Davis, on SheWrites, and started following her extremely well written, thought-provoking and soulful blogs. I ended up writing to her and now we're modern day pen pals, 2) Lauren suggested I friend one of her friends, another debut YA writer hailing from Seattle named Lish McBride, (Hold Me Closer, Necromancer - fall, 2010) DID IT, (and might I use this as a platform to beg Lish to get thee a website? With her coolth, quirkiness, humor and intelligence, I have very high expectations!) 3) Lish in turn suggested I friend her friend from her MFA program in New Orleans called Jen Violi, who is ALSO a debut YA writer with a book coming out in summer 2011. Putting Make-up on Dead People. (You see, these gals are much funnier than I am!) Granted, we are getting to know each other through Facebook, but how else would we get to know each other I ask you? We even play Lexulous . . .

Now, besides being a writer, Jen has come up with some creative and I must say ENVIABLE side businesses, such as coaching, weddings, (did I ever tell you how I almost became an interfaith minister?) and theses inimitable LOVE NOTES. I'm clunking myself on the head I tell you: why didn't I think of this? She writes "Give yourself or someone you love the gift of fun, tangible mail combined with a reminder and encouragement to take a moment and reconnect to a place deep within."

I came back from Myrtle Beach to a Love Note from Jen. Inside a beautiful card was a packet of Forget-me-nots, and the charge to TRUST IN GROWTH. And it worked, yes it did! It made me feel all warm and fuzzy and helped soothe the cranky beast inside. Her concept of LOVE NOTES aligns with the philosophy I try my best to practice: seeing the glass half full and looking for the best in everyone, INCLUDING MYSELF! If I need constant reminders that the Source is all around me, then I'm sure many others do. We need all the help (and LOVE) we can get!

So take a little trip to Jen's website and check this out for yourself!


  1. Lena,thanks so much for spreading the word about Love Notes--you are one, you know.

    For those who wish to investigate: www.jenvioli.com

    Also, I am so grateful at this moment for "like-minded souls"and all of the ways we can find each other!

  2. I swear, the website is being built as we speak. I'm slooooow. Thanks, lady!

  3. That's three titles to add to my list! Congratulations on your upcoming book -- I'm on that road, too, just much, much farther behind.

  4. Chazley - love your name! It's phonetically so pleasing - CHAZZZ-LEEE. Right? Wotchya doin' in South Korea?

    Jen dahhlink! I'm pretty sure that I rigged it so that anybody who clicks on your name will be taken straight to your website - it only shows up highlighted in the preview though. Does anybody know how I can fix?

    And Lish, can't wait for your website launch! (I'm still waiting for my husband to fix up mine!)

  5. Oh--totally see it now! Don't know how to make it highlighted, though . . .

    I look forward to both of your websites launching, and I will smash champagne on something to celebrate--but not my laptop, as I think that might cause some problems.

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