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Friday, April 2, 2010

Shutter Island in Myrtle Beach

Packing up for our last night in Myrtle Beach. (Insert sad face here.) I was going to write about Medieval Times, the cheezee jousting/dining extravaganza, but letting the husbands take the boys seemed like a better idea, while us women took the girls to a Hula and Fire show. Also cheeze-ridden, but is not sparking an idea for tonight's short Lit.Life post.

So, I'll write about last night, which sparked several things, but there's no way I can fit them all in tonight in the half hour I've designated to write this.

"And what's with the cartoon?" You ask. "Trying to get out of what?"

Trying to get out of his mind . . .

Husband and I, on the occasion of our anniversary, went out to dinner and a movie.
We saw Shutter Island. I had read and enjoyed the book by Dennis Lehane about five years ago - but that summer I had been binging on this author, and devouring the lexicon of his work. So it's safe to say that I didn't remember the plot exactly. Does this happen to anyone else? Reading so much that you have to work really hard to remember a certain piece?

I don't love horror, or even the idea of being scared, but I love unreliable narrators in psychological thrillers. Shutter Island did not disappoint in this regard, and I'm glad that I had almost "forgotten" the book, but then again, maybe it didn't blow me away as much as it could have because somewhere in my subconscious, I knew what to expect. I wasn't on the edge of my seat the way I was with Fight Club, or Donnie Darko, two of my favorite movies ever. (Although Fight Club I refused to see on the big screen because I was afraid of the violence.)

Thanks for reading my sophomoric effort tonight! Sweet dreams y'all.


  1. If it makes you feel better, the movie is actually based on the graphic novel remake of the novel. I think it is, anyway.

  2. That TOTALLY works for me, Lish! And Kristi, I thought of you as we drove through Virginia . . . that's where you hail from, right?

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