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Monday, May 31, 2010

Feeling Twitter-ific!

Memorial Day and the wonderful Vets who served and sacrificed themselves aside, today will be the day that goes down in my own personal history as the day I finally got the point of Twitter.

My friend and fellow writer Courtney has been waxing poetic over Twitter all year and I have just looked at her blankly thinking, yeah babe, whatev's, with you having almost 500 followers and just as many follow-ing, it may be a more exciting way to connect with readers and friends, but I don't even have a book out yet . . . However, I took her advice and set up an account for myself, not understanding why I was doing it.

I've gotten the hang of Facebook and have way too much fun with it, and I'm loving keeping the blog up-to-date, but Twitter? So I've been checking it and updating my STATUS maybe once a month. I have 24 followers, and am following 33 . . . and then yesterday I was fooling around with my sassy new cell phone, noticing a Twitter feature . . . and I noticed something. Not only do I now have 25 followers, but there is a mention of EDGES from May 24th . . . what is this? I clicked on the link, and lo and behold, EDGES has been chosen by a blogger as COVER OF THE WEEK! (It is an amazing cover, I must admit!)

I hit REPLY to message author of The Hiding Spot, Sara Grochowski,(a college student in Michigan with almost 600 followers!) that I am thrilled with her write-up, and I start following HER . . . then today, I see a retweet from her, telling her "followers" that applications to be a Deb at the next Debutante Ball are being accepted starting . . . tomorrow! It is a group blog for debut authors - very, very clever idea.

A light bulb went off in my head. Hey, I thought. I wouldn't have known about this if I hadn't been on Twitter and was "befriended" by Sara! I started my application to be a "Deb," and now I see the light! It really is another way to communicate and get information that I wouldn't get otherwise. So I will keep plugging, blogging, tweeting away, not expecting world domination, but loving you who read my blog and tweets and engage me in word play on Facebook! Let's have fun!


  1. I just shut my Twitter account down last week. Since I'm still trying to get the first draft of my WIP finished (as well as juggle three kids, which I know you can relate) those few minutes a day reading/writing Tweets were taking too much of my precious "free" time. I can barely keep a blog going and stay up with FB. But I might reopen a Twitter account if I get a book published. It is a great tool.
    Good luck with becoming a Deb!

  2. I'm thrilled that I've had such an impact! I never saw the point of Twitter, until I realized how it could be utilized to help increase traffic on and awareness about my blog. Now I use it to chat with blogger friends and authors too... and I've met some wonderful bookish people that I never would have otherwise!

  3. i am now your 28th follower! woo! xoxo

  4. Good morning guys! three kids and writing and all of this social networking - yes Wonderwegian, it can be helpful to set some parameters and boundaries, something I continue to work on!

    And Sara - thank YOU!

    And Amanda - I'm following you too! Woot!

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