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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Girls Write Now: Graphic Novel workshop

Greetings. I'm blissfully "Lit-ted" out at the moment, having spent the day with both Girls Write Now and Writopia and reading The Little Prince to my daughter.

Girls Write Now hosted an intriguing Graphic Novel workshop, which brought the whole "show, don't tell" dictum of good writing to a whole new level. I can't draw worth #@!, but I'm thinking that it might be a worthwhile exercise to draw sketches of my characters to help me get to know them better. The next chance I get to work on WIP (Monday) I will do this!

A lot was covered, and I don't have time to do it justice after a long day! We had a wonderful guest author, named Lauren R. Weinstein, author of the graphic novel Girl Stories. Her work is pretty awesome, and the way she tells stories is inspiring. Made me want to try my hand at it! She keeps journals of sketches, just like I keep journals of writing. She also talked about being a new mom (to a seven month old) AND moving houses, and how she hasn't had much time to work on her own WIP, a sequel to Girl Stories. I'm with you, sistah!

This is also a great opportunity to let everyone know that A Wrinkle in Time will be made into a graphic novel by Hope Larsen, set to be published in 2012, in time for the 50th anniversary of the publication of Wrinkle.

PS I am so geeking out that Daniel Silva, author of the Gabriel Allon thrillers, friended ME on Facebook. So what if he has over 4000 friends?


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