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Friday, June 25, 2010

Writing is Deer

There was just a deer in the backyard. If you look closely, she is a blurry figure in the lower middle . . . can you see her? This is how I feel about my writing at this moment. I know it is there, but I just can't make it out . . . can't focus as I wade through boxes, looking for sheets, towels, a toothbrush! (Make that 5) But I know that it will come back as I find my footsteps again, get some sleep and start feeling at "home", appreciating the moments in between . . . my daughter and I having breakfast outside, looking at this view and her telling me with wonder, "I feel like I'm in a story . . ."

"Tell me the story!" I encouraged.

"I need paper!" She insisted, and for the next while I searched for paper until she was distracted by something else, and unfortunately, I was too.

Oh, that deer! She'll be back. For both of us!


  1. so happy for you and your new home! x

  2. Congrats on the new house. Miss you in NYC. Love to the family, especially Scarlett!

  3. Message to the Dear Deer...............

    You came upon a beginning in the morning - one that is filled with hope, and clearer air, and promise of home in the country-ish place.

    You were watching as a little one and a Mom began their beginning in the fresh morning. And, as you continue to visit, you will embark on family connections, quiet reflecting and writing (please do not interrupt that) and many giggles.

    The summer will pass and in the Fall, the youngers will come home with many stories to tell. Listen carefully because this is a fantastic adventure for each of them.

    When the Winter comes, please leave your footprints in the snow so that they can be examined in awe.

    And, as time passes, know that these city folk bring with them a natural appreciation for all that they will behold in you......


  4. Thank you Arlaina and Courtney . . . and MaryJo . . . so beautiful!

  5. You made me laugh! In my imagination the deer hiding in the trees is me hiding from my writings ) Click is a prove of my embarrassment. If you want to boost your self-esteem with my 'deerness', you are welcome)