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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Writers 4 Writers

It's the first Thursday of the month and it's time to picture drop. These two lovelies are none other than Deborah Heiligman and Daphne Grab, and together the three of us had an intimate Writers 4 Writers lunch, although we missed the other five of us (who are off in other parts of the country this July first).

It was my first foray back into the city after having moved last week, and a much needed shot for this junkie of writer-love. Yes, I admit it freely. I am a writer-lover. And my friends reminded me that I am a writer too.

They are both so warm and authentic, quirky and cool in their own ways. Daphne has just moved across the street from my old apartment! And Deborah had just come back from giving her Printz Honor speech at the ALA conference in DC which she had been so nervous about, (but I had already heard from several people that she nailed it with her humor and vivaciousness). Daphne and I hung on her every word as Deborah described her experience. (Check out her BLOG!)

Oh how I long to be a part of that world, the world of conferences and book signings, making friends and geeking out about meeting other writers. I want to go on retreats with other writers, I want to talk to librarians and teachers - soak up the whole world of kid and YA lit!

Maybe next year I'll get to be a fly on the wall . . .


  1. If your writing on your blog is any indication I believe that you might be more than a fly. I reread A Wrinkle in Time again this year before getting ready to give it to my nephew, was so excited by it that I went and found 7 of your grandmothers books at used book stores, what a find and finished my night becoming a guest to your blog. I can't wait for your first novel, I will buy a personal copy and one for the school that I work in. Keep looking for deer and finding inspiration. By the way, we had black bears, a fox, and deer spotted today and I live in the city, it wasn't serene but disturbing, you are in a much more Zen place for inspiration.

  2. You've made my morning! And LOVE your moniker, Life's Too Short! Bears and a fox? What city are you in?

  3. Quirky? Quirky?
    O.k., I'll admit it. Loved seeing you and Daphne. And the burning question on my mind:


  4. I already think of you as part of that world, and you'll be even more "in" come December.

    How did it feel to come home after a day in the city? Glad your move went well.

  5. You ARE part of that world!


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