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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


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1. He wears snazzy suits and uses cool retro terms like "my dear",

2. Going out to lunch with him feels like a "date" and I get butterflies. That being said,

      2a) He has the same name as my brother, Edward

      2b) and he loves The Grateful Dead.

3. He sees the possibilities in my writing and understands what I'm trying to say
      3a) He is always reminding me that I am an author            and not just somebody who has written one book,
     3b) He trusts my writing process and never asks if I'm writing. He knows I'm writing,

4. He made me rewrite EDGES 2x before sending it out. (Ugh then, but thank you now!)

5. He pimped out EDGES and sold it to the first publisher, FSG,

       5a) is it too obvious to state that he knows all of the contractual mumbo jumbo and got us a great  

6. He got Listening Library to pre-empt audio rights to EDGES, and introduced me to the awesome       Rebecca Waugh,

7. I'm not in the habit of bugging him, but when I need him, he's there,

8. He loves books, kids, and is passionate about what he does,

9. He is respectful, warm, compassionate AND

10. He is no wet noodle. He is in my corner, no ifs, ands or buts. He got on the phone with me today with publicity and kept the conversation specific, whereas if it had been just me, it would have been left vague.

Oh. You want to know what was said?
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