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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thank you YA Community!

I had a hard time falling asleep last night I was so excited. Everything is coalescing as my book birthday looms in front of me, only five days away. I had lunch with new friend and neighbor Katie Davis the other day. She asked me what my book was about, and I faltered in the telling.

"Why are you hesitating?" she asked.

"Well, people don't think that alcoholism and recovery are very sexy," I said.

"Says who?" She challenged. "You've got to own this. It sounds AWESOME. And it hasn't been done before."

Yeah. My book IS awesome. Thanks Katie! Katie not only writes amazing kidlit and YA, but also does a weekly podcast and is a social media/twitter maven. She told me about twitterbookbday.com and I struggled through the signing up, but I did it! (So hopefully a lot of people will be tweeting about Edges next Tuesday.)

And more thanks go out to Judy Blundell for her endorsement of Edges and for her friendship; Sandra Jordan for being with me through the long haul:  Courtney Sheinmel for her adamant insistence that I have a book birthday party; Rebecca Stead, Daphne Grab, Deborah Heiligman, Lucy Frank, Elizabeth Winthrop, Jeanne Betancourt, and Carolyn Mackler for their support and encouragement during our monthly lunches. (Happening TODAY! Must train to the city with Judy in mere minutes!)

And to you, dear readers, and the community we are building through Facebook and through this blog, your support means everything to me. Thank you so much for reading and for reaching out your hands in friendship - I am reaching back and holding on - you're coming with me!

Addendum: I have to also give a shout out to fellow debutantes Lish McBride and Jen Violi, who both live as far west as you can get in this country, and whom I never get to share a real plate of french fries with, but who have been crucial partners in crime, traveling the zig-zag road of YA Lit and publishing! I heart you guys!

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  1. I'm so happy I helped you, Lena! And I'm totes jealous of your monthly lunch with those awesome women. 8-)

    We'll have to set up our own monthly, okay? At the LEAST monthly!

  2. Super excited for the party, and to get my SIGNED copy of your book!

  3. Katie - you rocked my world! Here's to a long friendship and lots of lunches! xo

    Courtney - you gave me the courage to push for having a party! You were that voice whispering in my ear . . . thank you for your example! xo

  4. Community . . . what a wonderful thing!

  5. Dianne - I so appreciate your comments and being part of THIS community!

  6. Wow you are a friend of Judy Bundell/Jude Watson? Do you know if she accepts fan mail or emails? I have always wanted to write her and thank her for all the star wars books she has written (I read them when I was younger) but I have never found a way to contact her. Thanks and I'll be sure to read your new book too!

  7. Hi Hannah! The best way to contact her right now is through Facebook! I have told her about you . . . good luck, and happy reading!

  8. Thank you, I sent her a message on facebook! :D


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