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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Connecting through Words

One of the best parts of having a writing career  is the new connections I'm making with people - meeting other writers, in person and on-line, published and pre-published. We are building community, a most important boon and a necessity if we are to survive in such an isolating field.

January 22nd marked a full year in blogging. One year, 185 posts. I hope I've delivered what I advertised: Léna's Lit Life - my journey through writing and publishing. Maybe you've even been on that emotional roller coaster with me. Maybe once in a while I share some wisdom, but the best thing I have is the ability to share myself. (There are sooooo many awesome writing blogs out there!)

And I want to meet you, I really do! Hopefully, you feel the same way. I need to expand my scope on the web to some live events.

Yesterday I traveled to New Jersey to meet with a few folks at WORDS, a wonderful independent bookstore in Maplewood. It was a small, intimate gathering, but well worth the effort. (2.5 hours on a train - both ways!) The folks who came were warm and supportive, eager to hear me read and talk about the craft and process of writing. I finally got to meet "in person" another writer who I have been internet friends with for the past six months. I met new faces, friends, who I will now connect with via the web, and who will recommend Edges to others.

A woman I met there inspired me to try and make as many face to face connections as I can. So.  I've put out to the universe (and Facebook - my insecurities be darned)) asking if peeps would be willing to host me if I can find independent bookstores and/or libraries that are interested in what I have to offer (workshops, readings).

And I have a fantasy of planning a trek/ workshop/ retreat in Moab in the future.

What do you think?
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  1. Moab would be awesome.

    I haven't been there, just traveled the I-15 from CA up to SLC/Park City a few times as a preteen/teen.

  2. Congrats on a year at the blog, Lena. I resisted blogging for so long, but now I have met some lovely people, writers this way. I can not read all the blogs when I want or nothing else would get done! I admire your writing books as I am just into short fiction and find it tiring. I would never sleep with a novel! I have a piece of fiction just out in the new issue of Rosebud. I am mighty proud of just that.
    Stay warm and "connected" in your part of the country!

  3. Congratulations on getting published in Rosebud! I am so excited for you Bookie, and am throwing figurative rose petals your way!

    Wonderwegian, my wanderings will take me to you someday! Maybe Moab?

  4. Happy Blog-o-versary, Lena! And many more. I agree that blogging brings so many wonderful connections and a great sense of support and community.

  5. I have a fantasy of you making a trek to Portland, OR, too!!! And totally agreed. The connections are a boon and a necessity . . . love to you!

  6. Thanks Demery! I love what your doing on your blog!

    And Jen, I think about coming your way several times a day. Because of YOU! Big smoochie!