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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow and Writing Daze

I am amazed that I got anything done this month with the heaps of snow that have fallen on us here in the Northeast, resulting in 5 snow days and 2 half snow days.

No wonder I'm dazed and confused. Time has been sloshing around in my boots!

Reality, time, belief, disbelief, all suspended, all a big question mark.

But I haven't been fazed in my writing. I got my mojo back for my WIP and have been back in Moab in my heart and mind writing another draft or two of The Land of the Lost and Found.

And guess what? After some copyediting yesterday, I was just crazed enough to send it as a PDF to my agent. (Don't worry Edward dear, it's ready for you!) And after worshopping with a lively group of teens, I lazed around all evening, reading more Grimm's Fairy Tales to the kiddos and then catching up on Shameless late at night with my husband.

Big ol' sigh of relief. Yesterday's success was due to the five hours I spent internet-free. So today I have grazed on the internet, with this blog, Facebook and twitter guilt-free, I am reading an ARC of Judy's new book coming out in March, Strings Attached that she gave me yesterday, (I am in-love with it so far, and will report back!) and my lovely mother is coming for dinner!

Tomorrow I will start work on a complete revision of another WIP, while I wait for my agent to read the fruits of my labor. (Which will no doubt need MORE editing)
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  1. I have had enough of the snow! I feel trapped in my house, luckily I have older boys who love to take the lil one out to play, leaving me time to write! That of course fills me with guilt, I should be doing mom and wife stuff. Best of luck with the work you sent out.

  2. This post is ablaze with inspiration for me to escape the internet craze for a good long chunk of time today. Thank you for the chance to gaze upon your words and for giving me the courage to taze myself if I dare turn on the internet instead of working on the maze that is my sixth draft of my own WIP. Love!

  3. Suizyq, I feel you! Write, mom, wife - it's all a juggling act, isn't it?

    And Jen! Thank you for playing! You are an awesome goddess lady. Hearts!

  4. So I got sucked into GoodReads. You need to get your profile updated my dear because you have several fans. Utah has been getting crazy snows and then thaws and then snows again. Let's run away to Moab. Oh, random tidbit of the day. I saw a guy at my school with tigers tattooed on his feet. I wanted to stop him and ask him about them but I had to get to my next class. I do love being a writing teacher, but the writer in me wants to stop and have fascinating conversations as the worst time. Jumping into a big non-fiction project. I am excited about your WIP's. Utah as a big Young Adult Fiction conference run by Carol Lynch Williams. You should totally come. Utah will welcome you again with open arms.


  5. I TOTALLY want to come to that conference! When is it and how do I get invited? It's just the push I need.

  6. This is from Carol's blog

    Tell everyone about the WIFYR conference.
    June 13-17, 2011 will be our 12th week-long conference and, as I am every year, I am way excited about this one. We have such AMAZING people coming. Here’s the list of faculty and what they are teaching:
    Beginning Class– Sharlee Glenn
    Picture Book Class– Trudy Harris
    Picture Book Class– Kristyn Crow
    Illustrator Class– Kevin Hawkes
    Chapter Book Class– Mike Knudson
    Middle Grade Novel– Claudia Mills
    Beginning YA Novel Class– Emily Wing Smith
    Novel Class — Louise Plummer
    Fantasy Class– Holly Black
    Advanced Novelist Class– Martine Leavitt
    Advanced Novelist Class– Kathleen Duey
    NEW! Writer’s Boot Camp– A.E. Cannon
    Keynote– Ally Condie
    Agent– Mary Kole, Andrea Brown Literary Agency
    Editor– Alyson Heller, Aladdin Books
    Editor– Lisa Yoskowitz, Disney

    If anyone has questions about this conference, they can email me at carolthewriter@yahoo.com
    Or go to www.wifyr.com to preregister or learn more about the conference.

  7. Thank you! I think my agent as there one year . . . I was bold and emailed Carol!


    Maybe some year I will be invited . . . I would love to come this year to participate and network, but I'm afraid that I couldn't afford all of the expenses!

    Although I am so tempted, and will keep in mind!

  8. Oh how I wish we could switch the weather! We're still waiting in vain for a snow day here in Hamilton, Ontario. Although last month, London, Ontario had 3 snow days. They're like 45 minutes away, though! My friends told me to "man up" and "be a real Canadian" because "real Canadians" can live without snow days. Ugh. Lol.