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Friday, February 18, 2011

Vacation Contest!!!!!!

Vacation: a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity, usually used for rest, recreation, or travel; recess or holiday.

In honor of family time and the kid's winter vacation from school, I am going to take a break not only from my WIP, but from Facebook, blogging, and Twitter.

In my absence, I will be hosting another contest - this time I have two audio versions of EDGES to give away, featuring the fabulous Ryan Gesell and Cynthia Holloway and produced by Listening Library (Random House).

How to enter?

Follow this blog if you don't already, and in the comments section, tell me either what your ideal vacation is, or what you need a vacation from. (And while you're at it, couldn't hurt to "like" my EDGES page on Facebook too! Just because I'm taking a break, doesn't mean you need to!)) *

I need to live my life and fill myself up this week with family, friends and fun. What are we doing? I will keep that private until the contest is over, which is Monday morning, February 28th at 10AM. I will pick two winners lottery style, and then regale you all with a post about lessons learned on "vacation" from my internet/ laptop self. (I'll still be writing in my journal. I can't NOT write!)

Happy dreaming, living, and/or writing!

* If my question doesn't float your boat, just tell me what you are reading to enter the contest! I will be reading The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown (I guest blogged on her blog last December) and The Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett.
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  1. Right now, my dream vacation is to fly out to San Francisco, rent a car, and drive up the coast to Washington (I've never been out west!).

  2. I need a vacation from my National Boards of Professional Teaching Standards portfolio due March 31st. I mean I REALLY need a vacation. I haven't read anything other than education books or journals since Christmas. Thank goodness I got to read Edges!

  3. I actually get to take my ideal vacation nearly annually. I like to go to Cannon Beach, Oregon where my dad has a house that I can use. I take my books, bike, handcrafts, journal, music, food *I* like, and I stay for an extended weekend. I read, write, sing, dream, sleep, cook, walk, bike, whatever on *my own schedule* and not that of my kids and husband (and work schedules, too). Love the family, but sometimes I really need to just enjoy time all by my ownsome.

  4. I could use a long vacation from public relations writing. It's refreshing to blog, and even just scribble in my spiral notebook...to be authentic and honest and myself. If I could go anywhere, it would be somewhere with lots of trees and no traffic. I would walk with my husband and read great stories with my daughters and talk about God with my son. Ahhh...

  5. I found your blog today while looking for information about your grandmother. I'm a little sad that I found your blog just as you are starting your break...but good for you for taking time off with your family.

    My ideal vacation would be spending a couple weeks with my husband and two kids at a cabin somewhere in Colorado, right along a creek. No internet, no phones. Maybe some tv, but probably not.

  6. I'd love to travel to Prince Edward Island and do a L.M. Montgomery tour. See all the sights she wrote about in her novels.

  7. Wonderwegian, I did that vacation as a child! I want to go back sometime. Actually, that was always where I wanted to spend my honyemoon, but since we got married in December, my husband's vote for Hawaii won out. I've been blessed with so many wonderful vacations and my favorite are always relaxing times with my husband and kids no matter where we are.
    Lena, right now I'm reading The Kite Runner. Took me long enough, right? (I've been wanting to read it for a long time but was a little afraid to b/c of varying reports from friends.)

  8. Too many places to name for my ideal vacation spot, but Adam and I figured out the type of vacation that works for us: busy, long days at the front of a vacation gradually slowing down to early nights and long walks. And we go to lots of literary stops. We did that for two weeks in the UK and came back refreshed and full of great memories. Actually, I'd do that trip again as an ideal vacation. Or go to Kenya again. Or sail to the Galapagos Islands with one of my university's almuni lectures and tours. Or...

  9. I guess I should also say that my concerns about eco-tourism might mean the last one stays a dream.

  10. I've been on "forced" vacation for two and a half years now (DISS ability from MS) and I am sick of it ! I have read 15 books since the first of the year, and from the looks of it, would sure like to make EDGES # 16 (well, 17...I'm working on a James Lee Burke book right now)I have to admit tho, the saving grace of being "stuck at home" is sittin' on the back porch on a beautiful day with a really GOOD book.

  11. Favorite vacation: visting a writer's house or area. Last one was driving through Margret Mitchell country and Flannery O'Conner's hometown!

  12. These all sound wonderful! So many things to do! I've always wanted to go to Prince Edward Island . . .

    Jodi, I hope you get to VACATE from all of that BOARD stuff soon!

    Mypeaceandjoy and Sandy - welcome to this community! Sandy, I'm sorry about your struggles with MS. An enforced vacation doesn't really count, does it? Except I love the image of you on your porch on a beautiful day lost in a good book!

    In half an hour I'll do the lottery and post the winners - you all have great odds!



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