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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Anticipation, LeakyCon 2011, and the MET

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I am full of anticipation for many things on this gorgeous last day of May, but I am not lost in wanting or waiting. I am smelling the flowers and watching the sunlight dapple through trees. I am signing more and more kids up for writing intensives this summer for Writopia Westchester.

As ever, I am excited to meet new people and further develop my relationships!

And . . . drumroll . . . my sister and I are officially on the roster for Lit Day at Leakycon 2011 in Orlando, Florida on July 13th! (Primal whoops, screams and happy dances goin' on over here!) Check it out!!!!! I will be on panels, lead a writing workshop, AND sis and I will do a presentation about our grandmother's (Madeleine L'Engle's) contribution to literature.

Yeeee haaaaa!!!!!   AND we'll be gettin' our Harry Potter freak on!

Another less obvious anticipation: I am leaving in about ten minutes to train into the city to meet my former boss from Four Corners Community Mental Health Center in Moab, Utah. He will be waiting for me on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art at 3:45! He is retired now, and I haven't seen him in about fourteen years, but I think I might cry, I am so excited!

Oh gosh - gotta run - will write more tomorrow, for sure!
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  1. Hope it was a magical afternoon and you have a wicked time in Orlando.

  2. What huge news for you, and a reunion, too. I hope it was wonderful.

  3. We had a great time! He was such a wonderful boss - he really believed in me - and is a super great person. We saw the Alexander McQueen exhibit which was wild!

  4. First, congratulations!

    Second, the last space shuttle launch is scheduled for July 8th. If you've never seen a launch in person, it's breath-taking. Arrange your schedule to be there, if at all possible. Especially for your kids.

    Third, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is insane! Despite the ridiculous crowds, it totally delivers. We left with owls, wands, $11 chocolate frogs (with wizard cards) and enough sugar from Honeydukes to power a small town.

  5. Thanks Keith! We actually got to go in February, (have wands to prove it) and managed to see the penultimate space shuttle launch from Magic Kingdom!

    Alas, we can't afford another trip for the whole family, so it will just be me representin' . . . but Leakycon is sporting my airfare and hotel which is super cool!

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