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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Anyone and Everyone Can Vote!

I just found out about the Young Adult Library Services Association's (YALSA) Reader's Choice Awards.

EDGES is eligible, and anyone can vote!

In this day and age, it takes a village to raise a book.

I am inspired to ask you all to take the time and put in a vote for Edges because when I tweeted about it,  my friend Keith Jennings in Georgia immediately clicked on the site and nominated my book. (Keith writes beautifully about the creative process and the need for community - he is certainly my soul brother on that front!)

The more nominations means a larger community of readers . . .

. . . and a larger community of readers means . . . awesomeness!

Here is the link

Realistic Fiction is the category

If you are not affiliated with a school or a library, just say that you are a fan of teen lit and name your local library as your go-to place.

Edges was published December 7, 2010 by FSG so it is eligible.

The ISBN is 0374350523

Courage! have a great rest of your day everyone!


  1. Thank you Wonderwegian! As you know, it's not about "winning" but about having a book count, and being amongst others that are maybe more commercial. Your support mans so much to me!

  2. Okay, maybe I'm slow, but what is an "imprint"? I put none because I couldn't figure it out. I hope that is okay. :-(

  3. Ooh gosh guys! Thanks for putting Edges out there in the minds of the librarians I haven't met yet . . . we hope! Jodi - an imprint is a sub section of a publishing house. Edges was published by FSG - and the imprint would be Books for Young Readers. But I didn't list it and I don't think it matters. If it does, it's all on me! xoxox

  4. Sorry...a little slow this week but DONE!

  5. I wanna this book! I think, it merrits attention.


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