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Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Lights Up

I'm getting the hairy eyeball from "Monday" after a weekend of mayhem and joy in Western Massachusetts. (Baby shower for my friend Amanda who has named me godmother of her second child, James.)

All I want to do is lounge about and eat chocolate. Do you ever feel that way? And then I feel guilty when I'm not "productive" . . .

I don't want to discipline myself, yet I need to. Us creative folk crave structure deep down inside, even when we profess an affinity for loosey-goosey-ness. I need to be organized, to know what I'm doing.

And this is a wild time of year, isn't it? We're getting ready to embrace the darkness with all of the light we can muster.

My mind however, can't settle down and I know that I can't trust myself alone with the computer today. I have to be out in the world, collecting lights. Or in between the pages of someone else's words, or catching up with a friend.

There are other ways to light up my day than expecting myself to have a certain word count. Sometimes, you have to just let things marinate.

(Or maybe I'll just clean my daughter's room . . .)


  1. Ah, productive, one of my fave words. Why can't I accept that sometimes not doing certain things is ok, necessary, good? After all, marinating enhances your flavor, right?

  2. Time is my problem this week. My writing time is just enough to keep my blog updated, but that's pretty much it. Busier at work this week, and lots of family stuff. I read recently that even when not in the act of writing, writers are preparing to write. We absorb everything from grocery store conversations to random rag-mag headlines, and everything simmers until we're ready to work with words again. I don't know if that makes up for not actually sitting down to write, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)

  3. Amanda and Lisa - we are all in agreement! This will probably be a whole MONTH of marinating for me - and Lisa - I admire that you are both writing AND reading blog posts!

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