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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Waiting on The Husband

My husband is notoriously slow and meticulous with everything. He thinks that if a job is worth doing, you put 200% into it, while I - yes, I have to admit, I am fast and half-assed. He has amazing attention to detail, while I'm much more impatient. This is partly why he is an excellent editor. Even though YA fiction might not be his "thing", he has a great understanding of story structure and character motivation and development. He also takes no prisoners, and isn't afraid of hurting my feelings.

This is why he is my second reader. (My first is my "mommy". Thanks Mom!)


He seems to think that "work" and "the kids" are more important than his critique of my manuscript. Can somebody set him straight?

He refuses to give it back to me until he's done and I am itching to revise. In fact, I am sitting here in a café staring at the blank page and I can't bear to start another project right now.

But this is just another reason to procrastinate and not take responsibility for my own process. After all, we writers constantly have to wait, so we constantly need to write too. Why shouldn't I start another project? Next time I sit down I will give myself a prompt and go . . .

Now I just have to think of one - I give my good ones away to my Writopia kids!

Anybody have a suggestion?



  1. I like to write short stories and poety between big projects. In fact I've incorperated such things into my newest project which can be read about more on my blog.

    Short stories seem to have an inviting air about them. They take from 5 minutes to 5 days to properly finish, and there is no limit to how little or much must be written. I love the quaintness of capturing a small part of a story and telling it well, rather than drawing out a long novel and skipping over sections. I find that writing short stories tends to lead me towards a whole novel eventually.

    Or you could always give doodling a shot!

    1. Absolutely - thank you for the reminder, Ian!

  2. Writing prompt... "The only noise I heard was the key turning in the lock."

  3. Starting to write something new while waiting is the hardest thing! I can't even start a new book while I'm still copyediting the previous one because I don't want to lose what's still going on subconsciously with that one.

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