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Friday, May 18, 2012

LiterHottie Award (Beautiful Blogger)

Yup, that's me. A Literary Hottie.*

That is, according to Anne Chaconas and Tracey Baptiste, both fabulous authors who have given me the honor of nominating me for the latest and greatest blogger award. Blogger Awards, for those of you who don't know,  are a way of extending and growing our on-line community. I have received several in the past, and the rules are always to nominate more people and spread the love. The rules for this award are to name 7 random facts about yourself and then to name 7 other bloggers.

*Full credit for LiterHottie goes to Reading Rambo, the coach for Suburbia Roller Derby's Backyard Bullies. You can read about my new love of Roller Derby here. (And have a chance to win a copy of my book, Edges.)

1. I am flying to Seattle today to attend the premier of Camilla Dickinson at the Seattle Film Festival. Camilla Dickinson is my grandmother's first YA novel, and now there's a lovely indie movie! (Of course, we're hoping for world domination. ;-)) How is this a random fact about me? Well, I have NEVER been to Seattle before! AND I am bringing only one of my kids - they are taking turns going on trips with me. I promised them that I would always take one of them with me wherever I get to go. AND I finally get to meet in person one of my favorite people and favorite new author - the fabulous Lish McBride who had me howling with laughter with her debut, Hold Me Closer, Necromancer. Her follow up, Necromancing the Stone is coming out this fall! Stay tuned . . .

2. I love peanut butter. And I mean, LOVE. I also love Dr. Who. (Now that's random!)

3. My extravagant self-care ritual is a spa pedicure once a month.

4. Even though I haven't had a drink or a drug in over 18 years, I am still the life of a party, unless . . .

5. I sometimes don't sleep very well. I've had insomnia ever since I can remember. It is much better now than it used to be, but I still have bouts. It is genetic. My grandmother, Madeleine suffered from it, as did her mother - also Madeleine. (And guess what - my legal name is Madeleine too, so the Madeleine's in my family have it.)

6. I had two aliases in my 20's - Venus de Velcro and Tallulah Trip. Both were High Priestesses of Cocktail Music and one was sexier than the other. Can you guess who?

7. I still have to pack for my trip. I am leaving in two hours, but I want to get this done - for Anne and Tracy. First thing's first!

My blogger shout outs:

1. Anne Chaconas 
Anne is a very funny writer that I met through Novel Publicity, which goes to show you (me) that not all social networking is a waste of time. She is very funny and has thoughtful, empathetic posts on the writer's life and how to navigate social media.

2. Tracey Baptiste  
Author of Angel's Grace and a short biography of my grandmother.  She writes inspiring tidbits on her blog like this:

"From Cynthia Ozick:
“One must avoid ambition in order to write. Otherwise something else is the goal: some kind of power beyond the power of language. And the power of language, it seems to me, is the only kind of power a writer is entitled to.”
It’s hard to avoid ambition, isn’t it? We all  aspire to be something more–and that’s a good thing. But to be something specific, best-selling author, for instance. Wanting to be that, desiring only that, well, that’ll eat you alive."

3. Deborah Batterman
This lovely lady is the author of the short story collection, Hair, Shoe, Nails AND she is also a Bedford/ Katonah resident. She is a beautiful writer. Reading her work always makes my hands itch to write myself!

4. Elizabeth Cassidy
Her posts are guaranteed to make me laugh. AND they are poignant - how does she do that? She is also a creative writing coach - maybe I'll ask her!

5. Jayne Martin
very funny new friend I have made on-line. Her posts are always compelling and helpful. Her book, Suitable for Giving, has been a real hit with readers!

6. Gae Polisner
Publishing House sister and author of The Pull of Gravity, soon to be out in paperback! She is the real deal - lovely, funny and authentic. She tells it like it is, the highs and the lows. AND she is a great hugger! I heart you, Gae!

7. Christa Desir is amazingly funny on her blog while exploring the toughest subjects in her novel writing. I can't wait to read Trainwreck which is forthcoming from Simon Pulse in the fall of 2013. Maybe I'll be lucky enough to get an ARC? Seriously folks, this is someone to watch for!


  1. What a great award! And so well deserved ;)

  2. 'LiterHottie' has a ring, indeed. Congratulations! And thank you for the lovely words and the wonderful company in which you place me. Hope you have a great time in Seattle, which is known for coffee and rain, though I imagine you can find some peanut butter there, too.

  3. Thanks for the list of new blogs to check out! Congrats to you, Lena!

  4. Hey, lovely! Thanks for the Liter-Hottie mention. I'm flattered, but mostly because I am totally taking the hottie part to heart. <3 (You are MY Liter-hottie too!! Can I keep giving it back to you?).

    Just back from the Rochester Teen Book Festival and overwhelmed, so will try to do my hottie post this weekend.

    Much love and kissies. Can you feel it/them?

    p.s. in prep for tbf I answered AWIT for my favorite childhood book and they gave me a beautiful 50th anniversary edition. I thought of you all weekend. :)


  5. I'm totally sending you an ARC of TRAINWRECK. I am so honored to have been chosen as a Liter-hottie because that sounds awesome. You are adorable, Lena. I love all your pictures on FB. :)

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  8. I heart you Lena, and love and appreciate your Lena-ness! Your warm, honest, and sympathetic concern for others oozes from your glorious person, your teaching and your writings. Your name does, in fact, exact ecstatic sighs from this crew (and yes, as you know we do love John Green, too.) And yes, you we think you are awesome.glyph icons

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