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Friday, July 16, 2010

To Website, Or Not to Website?

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I've been agonizing over this website issue, and now that my book release date is less than six months away (OMG!)it's more apropos than ever. To website, or not to website? I think you know the answer to this, because after all, I'm keeping up my commitment to blogging. It's been almost six months, and I'm almost up to 100 posts. (Eeek!) I even christened this blog lenaroy.com, in hopes that it could expand into a website.

It is trés chére to have someone design your website for you, and then you have to constantly track down the site-builder whenever you want to make changes. Not very independent. Yet glamorous. I have oohed and aahhed over so many gorgeous websites that the whole notion has had me paralyzed. The Author's Guild has been tantalizing me with promotions of FREE website building, but I have waffled. Free? That's not very sexy . . .

"Two grand?" the husband asked when I told him how much a website might cost. "I'll do it myself." And he had every intention of doing so . . . even buying the Idiot's Guide . . . but we've had so much going on . . . so yes, the offer from the Author's Guild is looking MUCH sexier now, and I got my materials into them on the deadline day of June 30th.

And I just got it back for review. It's no frills, but the cool thing is that I can learn to manage the site myself with their site-builder software.

But I'm still agonizing over whether to press ACTIVATE. Turns out that they can't put this blog on the website, but they can LINK to the blog. I will have to call the website lenaroybooks.com, and keep the blog lenaroy.com. Or . . .

So what's a girl to do? Thoughts anyone?
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  1. Go for it! You might as well. In a way, having the blog linked is better, I think. You can consider the website more business, the blog more pleasure - but of course they're inter-connected.

    I started my blog because of you. But I'm not going to start a website yet. Maybe once I'm slated for publication....

  2. Thanks Hope! Business/Pleasure - I like that idea. And I'm going to hang onto that line "I started my blog because of you" so I can show that off when you are universally recognized for the fab writer you are!

    I think I'm stuck on names. lenaroy.com is so nice and easy.

  3. I think you should do it! Everyone's online now, and once people love the book they're going to want a place to go to find out more about it!

  4. I'm a book blogger who's been lurking here for awhile, and I just wanted to weigh in on this for a second. As a reader, I tend to prefer authors' blogs to websites, since they're more active (and interactive!) - so if you go for a website, definitely link your blog to it. But I think you can expand the functions of the blog and make it function as your website, too - I've seen a few authors who've made that work. (Beth Kephart is transitioning toward that.)

    I'm enjoying your blog as it is, and will be interested to see what direction you go.

  5. You've seen my website, yes, Lena?


    My blog is attached to the website. I had Authorbytes design it and I must say, they did a GREAT job for me, and continue to do so, managing updates and changes I request. I couldn't manage it myself, frankly... not and have it look as professional as I'd like.

    I can't wait to see yours... go on! Activate!

  6. I love your website Lauren - AND your blog! You are an inspiration . . . and Florinda - thank you so much for introducing yourself -

    You've all given me the courage to go ahead and activate, and as Florinda suggested, then I can look into expanding the blog. But in the meantime I'll have a website. After all, I can always find someone to make it sexier when I have the wherewithal to do that. I'll let you all know when it's up!

  7. I am so happy to see that you have been convinced. By the way stole a peek a laurenbdavis and think her website rocks. Not best choice of words but is nearly 1:00 am. This blog has not only refueled my fire for writing, I am being rewarded with introductions to many new authors. There is not enough time in the day. When school reconvenes there will definitely be a shift, If I must forgo sleep, I cannot forgo reading :). I just finished my first of your grandmother's Austin books. I eagerly await your novel knowing that you have reaped not only her genetics but the wisdom she passed on. Happy writing!!!!

  8. Life's Too Short - I am thrilled that this blog has "refueled your fire for writing!" Reading your words is such a gift to me this morning . . . Lauren is a fantastic writer - I urge you to read Radiant City! My website should be up today, and I'll keep you, ahem, posted!

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