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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Writing: The Tortoise and the Hare

Greetings from Colonial Williamsburg my friends! This is a pic of some fabulous actor/historians who performed the Native American tale: The Terapin and the Rabbit (the tortoise and the hare) which got me thinking about writing, speed and volume.

Some of the kids I work with feel insecure about the LENGTH of their pieces, that others in their group are more prolific, their writing more voluminous. I tell them a shortened version of this story - basically that the tortoise and the hare may have different speeds, but they still get to the same place. I use myself as an example: I may be able to write a lot, but most of it will go in the garbage. My husband will write a little bit, but is able to keep most of it. What about you?

Of course, there are numerous other lessons in this tale - in the version I heard yesterday, the rabbit has gotten too big for his britches and needs to be taken down a notch, so the terapin outwits the rabbit (or "cheats") by placing other family members along the track, and doesn't even run the race at all!

Speed, racing, roller coasters - oh, and our car decided to break down on our way in to Busch Gardens - there are much worse places to break down! I got to go in with the kids while my husband waited for a tow truck and got a loaner - the kids and I were able to run around like rabbits while my husband waited, tortoise-like. Today it is raining, so we are off to Jamestown, and maybe Water Country USA


  1. Sometimes when I'm writing, or when I'm reading a particularly long novel (like Moby Dick), I tell myself, "slow and steady wins the race."

  2. Welcome to VA! I hope you love it. It's pouring in Richmond, too, but I hope you had enough breaks to enjoy the day. Did you go to Jamestown settlement or the museum? Have fun.

  3. Yes, Shira! I have to keep re-learning that slow-and-steady bit - I get so impatient!

    And Kristi - we went to Jamestown Settlement - amazing! And all agreed that we'd rather live the way the native's did! And it turns out we need a new alternator for our car, so we're staying an extra day . . .

  4. I hope you enjoy your extra day. If you swing toward Richmond for any reason, shoot me a line.

  5. Sounds like a great family vacation -- even with unexpected excitement.

    Don't know if you're interested in this stuff, but I gave you a blog award on my page today TexasRed Books. Hopefully it'll introduce your space to a new reader.

  6. Thank you, TexasRed! You made my day - it is an honor to be included. I may blog, but boy do I have a lot to learn about the world of blogging! :D

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