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Friday, September 3, 2010

Apostrophe, I Luv You

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I'm listening to the Apostrophe Song for the third time and can't stop giggling - so I thought that I'd better channel my glee and weigh in on the Apostrophe "problem" that has been creating such rancor as of late.

I have nothing to add to the debate: indeed, this will be much more of a confession.

Folks, I have an apostrophe problem. I know, I know (wringing hands). And I'm working on it, have made major strides in improvement really. But there's just something about that apostrophe . . . makes me want to . . . put one in where it doesn't belong! This desire must come from the subterranean regions of my unconscious, making nouns possessive when they should be plural. Dr. Freud, does this mean that I want my objects to control one another? Or me?

Or . . . I'm careless, and have more in common with those unapologetic peeps out there who don't edit before putting out their work (or signs) for public consumption. I'm sure that there are a couple of these unedited blogs that have mistakes. If so, I apologize and I hope you don't stop reading! (I'd like to think that my grammar faux pas are not as bad as the above.)

Everyone needs to self-edit and then some. I do know that the more I practice writing, the better I get, and that we all make mistakes in our first drafts. Indeed, this has helped shape my approach to working with others - focus on creative expression FIRST and then learn the rules as we go along. (Because rules can suck the fun out of EVERYTHING!)
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  1. I totally want to know what's buried beneath the gravestone that reads "One of the best of Mother's"--one of the best of mother's whats????

  2. Tee hee! One of the best mother's GRAVES I guess! Hi Hope, aka Ms. Hap!


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