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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

EDGES reading

Okay, I am completely geeking out. I'm in the club! I actually have gone through the process of writing a book, sought out representation, and waded through the process of publishing. It's becoming real. I have been focusing so hard on my move and setting up Writopia in Mt. Kisco that I have (almost) forgotten about EDGES. (Ha!)

But guess what? I am on the Teen Author Social calendar pre-EDGES release date! The wonderful author David Levithan not only writes and is the editorial director at Scholastic, but he has also organized and created a forum for YA writers in NYC to be a real community - to not only read together at libraries, but to socialize over a cranberry juice or a gimlet.

This will be my very first reading as an author. Hopefully there will be many more in my future! Here is the info and line-up for (my) night:

November 3 -- Teen Author Reading Night (6-7:30, Jefferson Market Branch of NYPL, 425 6th Ave, at 10th St.)

Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares

Sarah Beth Durst, Enchanted Ivy

Barry Lyga, Archvillain

Lena Roy, Edges

Kieran Scott, She’s So Dead to Us

Scott Westerfeld, Behemoth

OMG, right? Look at all of these awesome writers! Do I dare to be one of THEM? (Will they like me? Will they like my book? Please!) What parts will I read? What will I wear?

EDGES won't be out until December 7th, but in the meantime, I can look forward to this in the next couple of months. And a few friends have already said they would come . . . I need some psychic hand-holding!

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  1. Arghhh I wish I could go!
    Good Luck <3

  2. Sounds like a great time!
    One thing I've found out is that kid/YA writers tend to show more love/support to each other, like they're in it together, rather than against one another in a sales fight.
    I've seen the same thing with country music stars, too. They tend to be all embracing and praise their comtemporaries more than any other music genres.
    Brightside #11032010: You don't have to use Wonderwegian's pathetic wardrobe.
    Brightside #12072010: The right to be proud!

  3. Oh Meg, I wish you could be there too! But dare I say there will be others, maybe even in Rochester? Who knows? I will blog about it all, for sure!

    And yes, delightful Wonderwegian - I am finding this to be a truth about the authors in this field, for sure! AND I think I need a jaunty hat like yours, so I don't know where "pathetic" is coming from! And I love your last Brightside. :D

  4. Looking forward to reading with you! Your book sounds fantastic.


  5. Oooh! (Pinching self) I can't wait to meet you and hear you read from Enchanted Ivy!


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