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"Well, the question is, what do you want to believe? Do you want to live in a world where things are possible, or in one where they aren't?" Cin, Edges.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mini Tour of Richmond, VA!

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I am on the train back to Nueva York, after my wonderful whirlwind trip to Richmond, Virginia. Richmond is a hip little city, full of charm and old world grandeur, funky cafés and museums where I soaked myself on juice of the coffee bean, with a little help from my friend and host, Kristi Tuck Austin.

I couldn't have gotten a warmer greeting from this lovely young lady, who met me at the train late Monday afternoon with deep hugs and a bouquet of daffodils. After having traveled for nine hours, I longed to stretch my legs and we walked around the city.

But what about the TV show? You are asking yourselves and believe me,  I am still asking that question of myself!

So let me skip ahead . . . Kristi and I arrived at the CBS station by 8:25AM as the producer had asked, and we waited for almost an hour and a half to be the last guest on the show, which was from 9AM until 10AM. We watched the show in the waiting room and were pleased that they did a great promo for the spot, with a picture of Edges taking up the whole screen. By the time I was taken into the studio at 9:45, I was tired and not as pumped as I had been, but I had a lovely chat with the host, Cheryl Miller, before it was our turn to take the stage on the light taupe couches. I was thrilled that she had actually read the book and had enjoyed it.

I can't figure out how to embed the clip onto the blog, but it's posted on the Edges Facebook page.  I sound and look weird to myself, but I must be gentle with myself - it's my debut on so many levels! And there's always room for improvement.

Kristi took me to Books-A-Million to sign stock, and then after a soy latte at another coffee joint, we went back to her lovely home to see if CBS had downloaded the clip. Waiting, waiting . . . clock ticking . . . a watched pot never boils, right? So we went out to lunch (omelets, biscuits and grits) at a 60-year-old diner called Perly's, and then snuck into a matinee of Paul. Yes, we were in the mood for something puerile and silly, and were not disappointed!

We had another soy latte before heading over to Fountain Bookstore, where a few people were gathering for my workshop, Mining Your Life for Your Fiction, followed by a reading and discussion of Edges.

We had a blast - participants ranged from a retiree, to Technology buffs, to the lead singer for a heavy metal band! I'm looking forward to doing the workshop again sometime, a mix of exercises designed to look at life and fiction in a new way. (More information will be on Kristi's blog, as well as tons of pics!)

The trip was too short! I loved getting a taste of Richmond, and finally meeting Kristi who is now a life-long friend, spending time with her awesome husband Adam and sweet dog Sammy. Adam's mother and sister came all the way from South Boston to attend the event - and his sister is none other than Lucy Wiggins, an artist and another follower of this blog!

It was wonderful of Kelly Justice at Fountain Bookstore to host my two back-to-back events, and to make new friends. Kelly knows books, whether it's a literary or brain-candied experience you crave, Kelly's your go-to-woman! If you are ever in Richmond, please visit her and her store!

. . . Now I am back to wet snow and 29 degree weather, and I am WHIPPED! And filled with gratitude. New friends, new perspective, living life to the fullest!
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  1. What a wonderful trip!! Sounds like such an amazing experience. Good for you! :-)

  2. Watched the clip on FB. Great job--I cannot imagine the butterflies!

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