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Monday, July 11, 2011

Wrinkles in Time with 38 Young Actors

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I love my life! I get to do so many fun things with so many people. This morning my cup was bubbling over with excitement and nervousness as I made my way to The Little Village Playhouse in Pleasantville to adapt my workshop methods and teach a "Master Class" on A Wrinkle in Time.

LVP runs a theater camp, and I jumped at the opportunity to develop my Wrinkle workshop even further.

There were 38 kids! The most I have ever workshopped with is a class of 24. They were all incredible. Half of the class had read the book already, so we were able to look at character and motivation deeply, hooking the other half of the class. I changed and added some things on the spot: as a teacher you have to be flexible and adaptable! This workshop explores individuality and community through the lens of Wrinkle, of which there is no shortage of material.

We rounded out group acting exercises with individual writing exercises, read from the text, brainstormed together, ending with the kids writing poems. They were eager to share them, and they were all WONDERFUL writers as well as actors. I'd love to publish some of them on the new Madeleine L'Engle website. She would have been thrilled to see these kids' interpretations.

I'm looking forward to more good times at LVP!

Next up: tomorrow, my sister Charlotte and my 10 year old niece meet up at LaGuardia Airport to fly to Orlando, Florida for LeakyCon 2011! Stay tuned . . .
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