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Saturday, September 24, 2011

And the Winners Are . . .

. . . you're all winners! For sure, but I can still only give away three books. However, to everybody who entered, I will send snazzy bookmarks if you comment below with your email attached. And even if you didn't enter, your comment and email will earn you a bookmark. So there!

Wow. It was so nice of you all to enter, and to help me not feel so foolish for hosting a contest at all. This self-promotion stuff just KILLS me sometime. I am so eager to connect with people, but I want authentic connection. Don't you?

I went to a random number machine and the numbers I got were: 1, 9 and 27. So if I've done my math correctly, then that's Webstrider and the two Anonymous' (Anonymi?)

Sweet dreams peoples.   xoxox


  1. yea for the winners!

    I would love a book mark though. Huh, not sure if I want to post my email here though.

    Maybe I will just message you on FB.

  2. You've got my email. And if you want to throw some bookmarks in for MWG members... :)

  3. Hey, Lena, I've just passed on the Versatile blogger award to you. Check it out and snag it from my blog www.unmappedcountry.blogspot.com