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"Well, the question is, what do you want to believe? Do you want to live in a world where things are possible, or in one where they aren't?" Cin, Edges.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Borders Busts, Books Party with a Give-Away

 . . . Well . . . not exactly. But Edges and my readers will be having a party because I have books to give away - yes, you heard me GIVE AWAY. Shipping will also be at my expense.

I went into my local Borders and bought up the last three copies of Edges. They had been kind enough to buy a truck load of my books as I had been hosting Open Mic events, and "helping serve the community". (They're very community minded, these Mt. Kisco Borders folks. We will sorely miss them.)

What can I do to win a book? I bet you are asking. I like free stuff. Who doesn't? Well. There are many ways to increase your odds, folks, as your name can be entered into the lottery multiple times.

1. Follow this blog
2. "Like" Edges on Facebook
3. Follow me on Twitter
4. Retweet this post

Extra Credit:

5. Answer this question: what is your favorite way to unwind?

What? My name can be entered up to five times? You read that right.

So what are you waiting for?????? Use the comment section to tell me how many times you should be entered, and don't forget your email! I will pick the winners on the day that Borders closes it's doors for good: Friday, September 23rd


  1. I done FB-followed, Edge-liked, Twitter-followed, and tweeted anew! Now for my favorite way to unwind--a good book!

    Jean Mittelstaedt

  2. So sad about Borders...but I would love to win one of the three books!

    I do follow the blog and have liked on Facebook...maybe I should like again!

    To unwind...hum...read poetry or just sit on the deck and feel the air--if the air is good!


  3. 1. Follow this blog - check!
    2. "Like" Edges on Facebook - check!
    3. Follow me on Twitter - check!
    (4. can't get to twitter right now)
    5. I unwind with a glass of red wine, and either (a)chatting with a friend, (b) facebooking, or (c) reading a book.

    so that's hopefully 4 entries :)

    (posting semi-anonymously since it's not taking my google account)

  4. Yay to the first three contestants! If nobody else enters, y'all have a 100% chance of winning! (How 'bout them apples?)

  5. Only one bookstore left in my town now. At least it's a private one.

    I have liked Edges on FB
    I follow this blog
    I do follow you on Twitter, except I don't use Twitter, so I cannot retweet.

    As to what I do to unwind? Read a good book,drink a nice cup of tea, or just stare into space.

    Would that be 4 times?

  6. I follow this blog, I liked Edges on Facebook, I don't twitter so thats out...

    As for unwinding? A nice cup of oolong or green tea and writing/reading.

  7. I liked EDGES on Facebook, I'm following this blog, and I like to unwind with Cheez-Its and a good book! (Sorry, I don't do Twitter!)

  8. And my e-mail address is joycescarbrough@yahoo.com.

  9. My email is catladyleeann@yahoo.com
    I liked EDGES on facebook and I'm following this blog. I unwind with a book I can lose myself in or else I write, write, write!

  10. Hi Lena, I would be very interested in reading your book. My 22 year old daughter in being treated for an eating disorder following a drug and alcohol rehab. I have lived the life of a loving mother to an addicted daughter. Thanks for writting this book! fjafej208@aol.com

  11. Ack! I want one!

    Let's see...

    I'm already following your blog, and following you on Twitter. I will tweet this ASAP, like right now. And I will like Edges on FB!

    As for the extra credit Q:

    My favorite way of unwinding is...READING! Yep. Curled up in a comfy chair, with a blanket of course. Reading in silence (so most probably when the kids are in bed or visiting Grandma). Heaven!!!

  12. Ok, I "like" Edges on FB and tweeted here:

    Woohoo! *crossing fingers now*

    writercherie AT gmail DOT com

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