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"Well, the question is, what do you want to believe? Do you want to live in a world where things are possible, or in one where they aren't?" Cin, Edges.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Drinking Diaries

I have fallen off of the blogging wagon as of late: the end of the summer and beginning of school and new Writopia workshops has kept me very busy, so I'd love it if you hopped over to the Drinking Diaries blog where they have just posted an interview with yours truly.

You know that I have kept quiet about my own alcoholism, until the death of Amy Winehouse, when I had to say something. It was the serendipity of meeting Leah Epstein while I was struggling with writing that piece that encouraged me to publish it, and then to do an interview over at her blog with Caren Gerszberg.

I didn't want to muddy the waters and publicize my own struggles with addiction alongside the publication of Edges - that cheapens it. But the truth is that this disease wreaks havoc on so many people's lives, sometimes ending in death, and if I can help one person by speaking out, then it is worth it.

As for Edges, while much is true in the story, it is still a work of fiction!


  1. So admire your honesty and the discreet way you have handled it along side of the book. I have tears in my eyes as I write this, tears of appreciation for you and the way you have handled things...that you are one who will help others know they can take hold, take charge....

  2. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart Bookie. Your kind words bring a smile to my spirit!

  3. Dear Lena,
    Bought your book last year for my girlfriend's daughter...Will read before handing it over...Here's the good part,
    At 3:10am on Wednesday September 14th 2011 I had a word image come to mind "Edges". Checked your website and Voila there was the reason for my intuitive nudge.Just wanted you to know that I think you are awesome ...Thank you for your Courage,

  4. Patricia, thank you for telling me! This just gave me the chills - the good kind! :-)

  5. I love the connection you make between cancer and alcoholism. My mother died from cancer and the man my brother used to be died of alcoholism. It doesn't matter that my mother really is no longer of this world any more and my brother is, they are both fundamentally dead. The way you put it, that your alcoholism is in remission, is such an amazingly healthy way of looking at it. Depression nearly took my life and that is how I look at it, my depression is in remission. Thank you just one more time for being the amazing honest person you are.

  6. Dear Crazy Lady,

    I am so MOVED by your comment - thank YOU so much for your own honesty and for keeping on reading! xo


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