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"Well, the question is, what do you want to believe? Do you want to live in a world where things are possible, or in one where they aren't?" Cin, Edges.

Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Resolutions or Revolutions?

Happy last day of 2012! 
So tell me good people, are we making New Year's Resolutions or Revolutions? 

A resolution is an answer . . . but what are our questions? 
Hmmmm . . . 

A revolution is a sudden, radical or complete change.

Lots of things need radical change, fo' sho'.

For us writers and readers, a resolution "marks the point in a literary work at which the chief dramatic complication is worked out". 

Is that our hope, that our lives will become less complicated if we just show some resolve? Can we will the world into being a better place?

Er . . .

Is this why we write?

We get to be Lords of our own Universes:


Is this why we read fiction? For the resolutions?

Life is beautifully complicated. We work through the knots in our lives with tenderness and care.
 It's what can make us superheroes.
 If we pay attention.

 I also like the idea of REVOLUTION.
 We are all revolted by senseless violence, but the reality is that many of us disagree with each other on how to carry out the revolution. Do we have a resolution for the revolution? 
(Am I asking too many questions?)

The truth is that we need to move closer to LOVE, collectively, all of us. Move away from hate and fear
                                Be our authentic selves, whether we're (hippy dippy)


(Be the change you seek . . .)*

And . . .

 A revolution is  "the action by a celestial body going round in an orbit". The earth rotating around the sun is an act of revolution, and takes 365 days.
A year. 

That is hope right there, something we can depend upon.

Are we in the same place we were last year, or have we deepened? Did we dare to disturb the universe**, and do we dare to commit to that again this year?

This time of year, we all bandy around the word "resolution" both with levity and mysterious terror:  We RESOLVE to be better people in the next year. We'll eat less, exercise more, show more patience and kindness in our relationships.  How do we measure up, what has the last year been like, what will  the new year bring?                                                   

 I want to let go of my attachment to successes and failures, and welcome in the possibility of new ones -

 but I may just be required to let go of my own willfulness, indeed, to let go of my own resolve - 
to let go of the belief that I am in CONTROL.   

Shit happens . . .
but so do miracles. 

Darkness sometimes wins
But let your light seep in through the cracks.

Take the actions, let go of the results. 
Jump into 2013 with joy and knowledge that you are living your best life.
You are answering the call, aren't you?  

(Be the change you seek)*

* Ghandi                          

 ** T.S. Eliot 


  1. Love the resolution vs. revolution review here and definitely gets one thinking. Happy New Year to you!

    1. Happy New Year Miss Bacchus - love your moniker!

  2. Clearly we're on the same wavelength re: taking actions and letting go of results and relishing those edges where change takes place. And, yes, we do share a love of words that have multiple meanings. As the world turns, so glad you're in my sphere. Best wishes for a New Year filled with light.

  3. A revolution sounds lovely, but I'll have to take some vitamins or something to have enough energy. Happy New Year, Lena. Thanks for the inspiration as always.

  4. Bit late to the party :) Lena, love the way you tumble words through your mind and your fingers! Brings us to a greater understanding of the nuances we're navigating through this life. Blessings, peace, and joyfully creativity to you in this year 2013!

    Ally Cowee (Chrome clearly hates me, tried several different methods of commenting!)

  5. Hi Ally - thanks so much for saying hello and happy new year to you! JOYFUL CREATIVITY (dammit) indeed!

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