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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Flu and Downton Abbey

I just watched 17 episodes of Downton Abbey in three days. That's right - you heard me. Most of them were on Tuesday and Wednesday when I was in bed with the flu. Now I am slowly starting to feel better, but I have been staring at my manuscript for the past hour - yeah, just staring - I can't seem to construct a sentence -

I've never done this before - given myself the gift of a marathon of this magnitude. Who has the time?

But that was the gift of the flu.

Facebook can make one feel left behind on certain things, and I had missed the whole Downton Abbey craze. On Sunday, people started posting about the beginning of Season 3. I asked Facebook: do I really have to watch from the beginning?

The resounding answer was yes. My husband was watching a football game, so I took my computer under the covers and logged into Netflix and watched the first episode, and then the second. On Monday night I watched the next two episodes, but then I couldn't fall asleep, thinking about Anna and Bates, Mary and Matthew. Do I like Mary anyway, are we supposed to like her? And that Thomas!

Tuesday morning I ran errands, but by 10:30am it was clear that I should not be driving, or writing, so I got back into bed and finished Season 1. But I had to have more! So I ended up paying for it, streaming on Amazon Prime. Two more. Sleep. Then yesterday I watched the next seven glorious episodes in Season 2, topping it off by watching Sunday night's movie-length episode on PBS.com.

So now I know. And I love it. It is a well-crafted story with rich, interesting characters whose motivations you understand, can even relate to, even though they live in a reality far away from where you are (in bed with the flu?)

Never heard of Downton Abbey? Here is why it is so popular.

And who doesn't love Maggie Smith?


  1. WooHoo!
    I don't care for Mary, but I know someone who relates to her well. She's just one of those characters--like Scarlet in Gone With the Wind--who is polarizing.

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