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"Well, the question is, what do you want to believe? Do you want to live in a world where things are possible, or in one where they aren't?" Cin, Edges.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Six Word Memoirs: Girls2Greatness

I was invited by Girls2Greatness to participate in a book event for Women's History Month last weekend in Mt. Vernon, NY. I say yes if I can to these events, not so much to sell books, but to meet other writers.

At first, I was uncomfortable because I didn't know anybody, and all of the other authors seemed to know each other. I was also the only non African-American woman there. Did they make a mistake in inviting me? (My old unempowered and terribly insecure self rearing her head. Fight it!)

That thought quickly disappeared as I started talking to people, engaging in conversation about the power of the written word. My table was next to Kai Storm's, an author who writes with an edge and a huge smile.

I had brought pads of paper and some pens because I had planned to try to get all of the authors to write a six-word memoir as a way to engage myself in their community.

I started: Words build community in my house.

Then I nervously asked the other authors to play with me. And they did!

I write, therefor I am. Period.
Mother, sister, friend, foe, student, authoress
Live Life! And be free always!
Mother, friend, God, sister, daughter, aunt
Passionate, teacher, author, loyal friend, blessed!
Blessed! Fortunate! Humble! Determined! Loving writer.
Dedicated, strong, determined, kind, loving, motivated
Resilient, timeless, determined, beautiful, humbled
Passionate writer loves writing for people
Art and dreams keeps us alive

And finally Kai wrote: Da hustle moves toward success always!

We all ended up reading excerpts from our books, and the true grit with which these women write was awesome to behold.

I left there feeling awesome being a part of girls2greatness, invigorated and empowered by all of these other woman with whom I have so much in common!


  1. Lena, I'm so glad you saw fit to share the Six Word Memoirs of the other ladies at last weekend's event. I thought it was a great ice breaker, and it would have been especially nice to have each person who wrote the 'memoir' to explain why those six words spoke to them and of them. It was great meeting you on Saturday.

    Valerie Albarda

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