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Monday, April 8, 2013

Goin' Back to Moab . . .

I can't believe it. I actually booked tickets today for a trip that has been so long overdue - waiting for the right time, waiting for money, waiting for the kids to age appropriately, waiting for . . .

For me, decisions can be hard. I waffle. I wring my hands. (All that's missing sometimes is a skull, Ophelia, Queen Gertrude, et al, you feel me?)

An adventure vacation. We'll fly to Denver and rent a car, stopping at Glenwood Springs and then onto Moab, Mesa Verde, Santa Fe, Great Sand Dunes National Park and then back to Denver.

In AUGUST. Yes, where Moab averages 96 degrees during the day!

EDGES is set in August.

I met my husband seventeen years ago in August at The Lazy Lizard Youth Hostel. Our 14th anniversary was last week, April Fool's Day (yeah, that's how we roll) and we started thinking that this could really happen.

I have been quiet on the blog lately, cuz I wonder if anybody really reads blogs anymore. But when I have something to say, I say it. And this is it!

Future blog topics -  a few weeks ago I had a come-to-Jesus epiphany about my health and have eliminated sugar, gluten and dairy from my diet. (It's been amazing!)  Mother/daughter book club, poetry walks with kids, revision (again), Infinite Jest (yes, I am reading it!) and the Writer Identity.

Oh, and PS . . . if any of you all are out there or will be out there this August, we can try to meet up! Maybe I can try to schedule some readings and/or workshops or something . . .



  1. I read your blog!
    Can I trade the dry 96 for the soggy/humid 96 I'll have here in August?

  2. How interesting this evening! You will be in beautiful country and mentioned some of my favorite places. Santa Fe...is special. Love the High Country above Santa Fe on the way to Taos. I am happy for you to have this trip in your future.

    Gluten Free...working on making that our new plan as well. Hope we feel as good about the results as you seem to!

    Blogs...yes, I have been wondering about blogs too since some of my favorites are posting less and I am getting less comments on my own blog--no matter what the topic is.

    I started an Episcopal book study this morning of the book Sabbath:Restoring Sacred Rhythm and Rest. I could hot help but think how much your grandmother would have loved and endorsed the material we were discussing!

    1. Hi Bookie! Thank you for the continued reading! Let's check in on the gluten-free stuff in a month or so! I feel grateful to have the cravings lifted, but I know they can come back any day. Friday will be a month!

  3. I hope you have a wonderful time! We're going to a hot place in August on vacation, too. :)

    [Given the kerfuffle (at least on Twitter) about Google Reader going away, I think a lot of people still read blogs. They're just reading them in feed readers, which may not translate into a lot of traffic you can see?]

    1. Hi Laura - where are you going? It's hot here on the East Coast too - I don't think that we can really escape the heat in summer!

  4. People read great blogs (wink, wink). Please keep writing. Can't wait to hear more about your trip. Maybe it will inspire another book?

  5. If you need anything while you are in Denver, let me know, auntiezel@yahoo.com

  6. Great article on Moab and the surrounding area. Raft trips with Adrift Adventures are excellent!!!!! Ride the Colorado River.

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