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Thursday, November 10, 2011

These Boots Were Made For Walkin' #NaNoWriMo 25k

I gave my brain a NaNoWriMo break today.

Why, you ask. Lord God, why?

Well. I hit the halfway mark with 25, 000 words last night.

I often forget that the carrot works better than the stick and don't celebrate my own accomplishments, but I think that 25k warrants some kind of reward. Don't you?

So. I had to drive into the city for some meetings, and during a free half hour, I bought the new pair of boots I had been too cheap to get myself.  (And no, they weren't on sale.)

I need to celebrate, because it will be a miracle if I make it to 50k by the end of the month with the holidays coming up.  (And then I won't have anything to celebrate.) With the craft projects and cooking and extended family. It would seem impossible.

Then again, I thought that 25k in ten days would be impossible.

Don't we always see our dreams as impossible at first? I dreamed of being published and yes, got my heart busted up in the process, but that doesn't take away from the fact that my dream came true, and that I am a writer. I would be a writer even if I was never published. "You're a writer if you write," was the mantra that my grandmother instilled in me.

So I will dangle more carrots. For every 5k, I will indulge myself. A pedicure. Lunch with a friend. (Any other ideas?) Boots!

These boots are made for walkin'
And that's just what they'll do -
One of these days these boots are gonna
Walk all over . . . you*

*The negative voices in my head that tell me I can't do anything**
** Oh, now she has voices in her head, does she? ***
*** Don't all writers?

What are your carrots?
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  1. A treat from your favorite bakery

    I used one episode of Castle for every 4 hours of National Boards work last year.

    Chai with whole milk instead of skim

    A great fluff novel

    I'm out of ideas. I will tell you that I think that the fact that you are still pushing forward and continuing to write is the best reward you can give yourself. Congrats on the perseverance!!!

  2. I actually like carrots.

    But not even that seems to motivate me lately...I am celebrating YOUR 25K, tho. Way to go, Lena!

  3. Yeah - I really had to celebrate - I'm taking myself off the hook for 50K, although I am still gunning for it. Thanks for your support Amanda!

  4. I'm behind! Only at 13,000 words right now. I have to write 2206/day to catch up. *sigh* No carrots. Just satisfaction when I "git 'er done."

  5. Oh Lisa, I beg to differ - you need a carrot! 13k is great. But yes, nothing will beat that satisfaction to "git 'er done" . . . will we have that?