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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week #2, Bring in the Dancing Ninjas, #NaNoWriMo

I was off to a roaring start. As of last night, I clocked in almost 20k words over the first week, excluding the weekend.

I went to work, but I did not go to the gym, cook or clean. My words were having a major dance party.

But today I am drawing blanks. Oh, I make myself write, but not as fast or as furious.

I am full of excuses, and I am starting to stress about how much busier November is going to get.  How can I possibly write another 30k?

I couldn't stay and write in bed because the tree guys were back at 8:30AM with their cherry pickers to clean up the mess from last week. (We had a freak snow storm resulting in loss of power for a few days and lots of poor, damaged trees.) (Yes, the noise and the expense makes me want to cry.) (And yes, I know that all of these parantheticals aren't correct.) (So what?)

I voted in our local elections, and then came here, to Starbucks. But I happened to be privy to a loud conversation about office politics from two brassy real estate agents. Sigh. However, I can't blame them, because now they're gone and I've resorted to . . . blogging. Which is still writing, btw, but it doesn't count for #NaNoWriMo.

Thank goodness for the pep talks that #NaNoWriMo gives you, like this one from last week from Erin Morgenstern.

I hear that the slump is more than common for writers, and that I need not despair. I need to keep carving out this space for writing, and give myself permission to dance with ninjas.

Back to Scrivener - farewell my lovelies!


  1. Ninjas, FTW!

    I'm using NaNoWriMo as motivation, not as a spring to the finish. I've barely cleared 3,000 words TOTAL, but those are 3,000 more than I would have had otherwise. Life happens. Kids come first. I'm sure you'll find your flow again! :)

  2. You rock. I still haven't reached 10K.

  3. My husband has been amazing with the cooking and cleaning so that I can be with the kids when they're not sleeping or they're at school and I'm at work!

  4. You BOTH rock. Steph's right - it's so much more than we would have otherwise. I am seriously slowing down now though. The whole Thanksgiving week will be a bust.

  5. Guess it's too late to start this challenge now. Just on my own, I was happy to get around to typing up my brief story notes last night. Think all I clocked was a late night watching Grimm, On Demand. 20K is inspiring!

  6. It's not too late to join the NaNo party Amanda! Look, it's already 9:15 and I haven't written a word yet. I need a yoga class first. (Yup, I'm slowing down . . .)

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